Altar itinerante: petitions through the wall

The second artistic activation of “Altar itinerante” consisted of pasting a series of intervened religious icons related within the context of immigrants, those posters created a tile to generate an ephemeral mural which represent the graces asked by the people who daily cross the border between Mexico and USA, the activation, dated on 11th September, was worked with AMBOS project, a collective of artists based on LA, their work is focused on art and immigration, this collective is headed by Tanya Aguiñiga.

Since 2016 this project has worked with popular religious imaginaries in Mexico and Latin America, last year activations were related with urban altars located in Mexico City and suburban areas, on 2017 the second stage of: “Altar itinerante: petitions through the wall” is devoted to religious icons and immigration in border cities in Mexico and the USA, the first step of “Altar itinerante: petitions through the wall” was made in Ciudad Juárez, MX/El Paso, USA.

Special thanks to Carmen Barraza and Mario Romero



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